Recycling Centre With 5-star Ratings In Welshpool, Western Australia

As an industry leader, Allied Metal Recyclers always ensures outstanding service at competitive rates to clients in Welshpool, Western Australia. We specialise in recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals, among other materials. What’s more, we only provide safe, efficient and competitive scrap recycling solutions to our customers. We bring our unparalleled service even further by taking our operations internationally.

Why Choose Allied Metal Recyclers?

  • Offering the best metal recycling rates in Welshpool, WA
  • Work with the top metal recyclers in Australia
  • Highly reviewed recycling facility in Welshpool, Western Australia
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At Allied Metal Recyclers, we take pride in achieving absolute customer satisfaction. As such, we always find ways to improve our services. All of our employees are highly experienced and competent. Moreover, we have a multi-million-dollar investment consolidating into a new and developed supersite in Welshpool, Western Australia.

As part of our efforts to ensure safe and efficient operations, we use dual-registered public weighbridges. Aside from those, we take advantage of premium quality handling equipment, including hydraulic excavators with grabs, as well as shears and balers.

When you choose our recycling centre, you can expect the best rates for your scrap metal. To make the removal process fast and convenient, you can even let us organise a yard clearance for you.

When you need fast and efficient scrap metal recycling solutions, contact Allied Metal Recyclers today!

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