The Trusted Steel Recyclers in Perth

Here at Allied Metal Recyclers, we understand that steel scrap is among the most recycled materials in Perth and across Australia. We have an efficient steel recycling department that allows us to handle all various types of steel products. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, we promise to provide you with the top scrap steel prices in the market. When it comes to safe, effective and competitive scrap steel recycling solutions, Allied Metal Recyclers is your trusted partner.

Why Opt for Steel Recycling?

If you’re looking for the best solution for dealing with your steel scrap, then we’ve got you covered. At Allied Metal Recyclers, we always encourage people to recycle discarded materials. It is the cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for dealing with steel scrap. It is worth noting that using recycled metal instead of raw materials cuts down CO2 emissions significantly. By choosing other options apart from processing virgin ores, you can reduce air pollution by 80% and water use by 40%. Steel recycling uses fewer resources and allows you to lower your carbon footprint.

Why Choose Allied Metal Recyclers?

When you are looking for trusted steel recyclers, you should look for companies that pay the best rates for scrap metal. You should know that at Allied Metal Recyclers, we always offer the top scrap steel prices. What’s more, we provide free sample analysis service at our site, using the latest technology in the industry. In this way, we can ensure that you receive the right price for your scrap metal. We can also organise the yard clearance for you, making the scrap removal process as fast and convenient as possible.

Call Allied Metal Recyclers today and have a bin delivered to your location. Expect us to collect your scrap within 24 hours!