Allied Metal Recyclers is a highly trusted and major Australian company. We specialise in both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal Perth recycling services.

In need of the scrap metal Perth recycling services trusted by thousands across Western Australia? Then turn to Allied Metal Recyclers. We are passionate about promoting proper waste management methods. Moreover, we do so whilst working to ensure the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

There’s no doubting it- our planet’s wellbeing is on a downwards spiral. There are many things that may contribute towards inflicting further harm upon the environment. Among other things, improper waste management is one of them. Recycling plays a vital role in today’s society. Choosing to recycle instead of sending materials to landfill can reduce amounts of pollution. Additionally, it can also decrease levels of energy usage and conserve raw materials. At Allied Metal Recyclers, you can trust in us to remove scrap metal from your site accordingly. Of course, we will also ensure to do so in a quick and easy manner. Moreover, we work to provide competitive scrap metal prices that promise you a good return for your scrap materials

Why Choose Us for Scrap Metal Perth Recycling Services?

We have over 70 years of experience in the industry. As such, you can trust in Allied Metal Recyclers to deliver prompt and efficient service. Our company makes getting cash paid for your unwanted scrap metal material far too easy. We can organise a yard clearance for you, making the process of scrap metal removal as fast and convenient for you and your business as possible. What’s more, we have a whole fleet of scrap metal transportation vehicles at our disposal. In addition to this, we utilise cutting-edge technology and have a dedicated team of staff. All of these aspects contribute towards making us the best scrap metal dealers Perth has available. 

We look forward to proving our place as the top metal recyclers Perth has available. With our solutions, you can add value to your scrap. Best of all, you’ll be helping us to work towards a more sustainable future!

For more information, call the scrap metal dealers Perth residents trust at Allied Metal Recyclers. Contact us today and we can deliver a bin to collect your scrap within 24 hours!