At Allied, we pride ourselves on our reputation for providing the best scrap recycling services available.Within 24 hours of contacting Allied Metal Recyclers, you can be sure that we will deliver one of our bins for your scrap materials. We provide bins from 3 up to 30 cubic metres, to cater for even the largest scrap removal requirements.

Allied can also provide other types of transport for your scrap materials. We run our own fleet of vehicles, including skip trucks, flat top trucks with hiabs and semi trailers.Should other work be required, such as cutting large objects to transportable sizes, rest assured that Allied Metal Recyclers can provide the personnel and equipment you need.

Allied can also organise yard clearance for you, making the process of scrap removal as fast and convenient for you and your business as possible.In addition, Allied is one of a handful of companies that can supply a free sample analysis service at our site, using state-of-the-art analysing technology. This way, you can be sure you are getting the right price for your scrap metal.Finally, Allied prides itself on providing its customers with a prompt payment service. Contact us today!

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