Site clean ups, heavy/light steel/reinforcing bar

Demo nonferrous materials, window extrusion, pvc cable, copper and brass

High chrome, drill pipe, Ni hard, manganese, oversize/oxy steel/rail line

Exotic metals

Steel chassies/radiators/mag rims/lead batteris/cast iron

***we currently do not accept full car bodies

Plumbers – copper/brass/water and gas metres/refrigeration systems

Scaffolding – ali and steel

Electricians – pvc, air con units, transformers, air con units, radiators, motors, compressors

Mechanics – radiators/mag rims/lead batteries

Steel cans

Aluminium cans

Scrap steel heavy and light

Steel turnings/offcuts/plate/coils

Old plant and equipment/machinery

Alumiumin suppliers

Stainless steel and special alloys, hi nickel, titanium

All ferrous and non ferrous material

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