Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you pay for scrap?
The markets change frequently so contact us now for updated prices on the current market.


Do you collect scrap?
Yes we do collect scrap. We can provide bins and transport depending on quantity of material being recycled. Speak to an account manager for more information.


Do you pay cash for scrap?
Yes we have an atm on site so you can get paid cash for your material.


Do you accept deliveries?
Yes you can deliver Monday to Friday 7-4 and most Saturday’s 8-12.


Do I need an ABN?
You do not always need an ABN but we can offer a bit more for your material if you register and provide one.


How do I register?
Complete the RCTI agreement, either email it back to or deliver it to reception and you will be registered.


Do you scrap cars?
No we do not currently scrap whole cars, however we do take clean parts, batteries, radiators, chassis and rims.

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