5 Scrap Metal Recycling Facts

Scrap Metal Recycling Facts

5 Scrap Metal Recycling Facts

It’s a well-known fact that recycling scrap metal can bring several benefits. This process offers existing materials for new products, allowing industries to conserve natural resources and lower their carbon footprint. Aside from providing benefits for the environment, scrap metal recycling also plays an influential role in the economy. In Australia, the industry revenue sits at around $2.16 billion, and is expected to grow by 1.9% in the current year. Indeed, there are many reasons why we should encourage this practice. In this post, we will share some interesting scrap metal recycling facts that may help you get in on the act.

Fact 1: Recycling Scrap Metal Protects the Environment
We all know that recycling in general is beneficial for the environment. That said, do we fully comprehend the advantages of this practice? Moreover, how does recycling scrap metal in particular help? It is worth noting that recycling materials as opposed to retrieving raw resources consumes less energy. When you do the same for scrap metal, you are saving the vast amounts of energy used for retrieving, refining, processing, and shipping the materials. What’s more, you can recycle scrap metal over and over again without losing its quality.

Fact 2: Scrap Metal Recycling is Profitable for the Economy
When we look into the consumer and industrial waste stream, you will notice that aluminium is among the few materials that pays more for its recycling. You will find that recycling this scrap metal can propel your business activities quite quickly. The life of an aluminium can circulates from the recycling bin to the store over and over again. What’s more, because of the sustainability of aluminium, recycling increases the industry’s size and economic impact. It is astounding to find that the industry employs hundreds of thousands of workers, and the workforce continues to grow.

Fact 3: Magnets Can Tell the Difference
All recyclable and already recycled scrap metals are useful. Moreover, these materials have versatile functionality, depending on their intrinsic qualities. For instance, heavy metals like iron and steel are ideal for high rises. On the other hand, because of the lightweight quality of aluminium, it is perfect for aeroplanes and marine vessels. Now, if you want to tell metals and alloys apart, you can trust the humble magnet. Most ferrous(iron-based and iron) metals have magnetic properties. On the other hand, non-ferrous metals are not magnetic.

Fact 4: Recycled Scrap Metal Has Many Uses
One of the most significant advantages of recycled scrap metal is its comprehensive range of uses. The industry can recycle common metals like aluminium and steel so efficiently, ensuring that there is no loss in integrity and quality. Mostly, you can use recycled scrap metals in almost anything that is freshly sourced and uses refined materials in its composition. Scrap metals can create new fantastic items—from beverage cans to aeroplane wings!

Fact 5: There Are Subtle Differences in the Scrap Metals
It is only natural to believe that it’s not very easy to tell metals apart. For instance, steel and aluminium are both shiny. However, one of them is magnetic, and the other is not. Brass and copper, which are among the most commonly recycled metals, can also be quite challenging to distinguish. Most of the time, it is easier to differentiate them according to the ways they are used instead of their physical qualities. It is worth noting that manufacturers use brass in the fittings that join copper pipes together. So, scrappers cut them off and sell them separately to earn more.

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