Iron Ore vs Steel: What’s the Difference?

Iron Ore Vs Steel

Iron Ore vs Steel: What’s the Difference?

Metals like ore and steel are used to manufacture a wide variety of different appliances and machines such as; Vehicles, Fridges and Utensils to begin with. Without these two metals, many of the objects we take for granted such as our microwaves and mobile phones wouldn’t exist. Although both ore and steel look the same, they are very different materials, each with their own unique properties. With decades of providing quick and easy scrap metal recycling Perth businesses can rely on, the professionals at Allied Metal Recyclers have written an article on the differences between Ore and Steel.

What is Iron Ore?

Iron Ore is natural rock or sediment, contained within the ore are several valuable minerals, mostly metals that can be mined, treated, and sold for a profit. One can get the ore out of the ground by first mining and then treating or smelting the valuable metals and minerals out of the ore.

The ore grade refers to how much of the desired material it has. If a rock has a lot of valuable metals or minerals in it, then the cost of extracting it must be taken into account to see if the rock is a high enough grade to warrant mining and is called an ore.

What is Steel?

Metals like steel are ferrous alloys constructed from iron and carbon. Many people believe steel is metal, although this isn’t necessarily true. While it possesses metal-like qualities, it is essentially an alloy. Metals instead include several elements and components that aren’t present in nature. For example, iron is a common element. It is the most common element on Earth. Steel is a manufactured alloy not found in the Earth’s outer or inner core.

Steel contains both iron and carbon. Because both iron and steel include carbon, they can be hard to distinguish from one another, though they do carry their differences. Steel, for example, is more complex and more potent than pure iron but lighter. Steel includes 2.14% carbon by weight. Even though it’s just a trace quantity of carbon, it has a significant impact. Unlike iron, steel isn’t an element vital for human health. You don’t need steel to be healthy.

Therefore, a significant distinction between iron and steel is that iron is metal, whereas steel is a metal alloy. Iron is a naturally occurring metal element. Steel is formed by melting iron and carbon together or combining them.

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