Managing Metal Waste During Office Renovations

Metal Waste Management During Office Renovations

Managing Metal Waste During Office Renovations

Almost every single organisation will undergo some sort of renovation in their lifetime. After all, businesses grow, preferences change, and people in managerial positions come and go. Regardless of this however, one factor that remains constant throughout all of this is an organisation’s corporate social responsibility, also known as CSR. Heard of this term before? Well, if you haven’t, CSR is basically this concept that encourages organisations to be more accountable for their business operations. Of course, this doesn’t just include the economic consequences of their actions, but also their impact on all members of society, as well as the environment as a whole. 

It’s worth noting that commercial and industrial waste makes up about a third (20.4 million tonnes) of waste generated in Australia. That said, it’s important for business owners all throughout the country to recognise that they have just as much of a responsibility to the environment as any other member of society. Now, office and building renovations usually result in a whole heap of unwanted materials leftover at the end of everything. Furthermore, you should know that one of the most highly valuable but often overlooked waste materials left remaining in the mix is none other metal. 

Why is Metal Waste So Valuable?

Metal waste is valuable because technically, it’s not actually waste. Well, it may be waste in the way that you don’t have a use for it anymore. But the fact is, metal is one of the only types of materials out there which can be recycled again and again, without there being any changes to their properties or level of quality. Recycled scrap metal is highly sought after by multiple businesses, due to the fact that it’s cheaper to buy than newly mined metal materials. But in addition to this, it also helps businesses in doing their part for the environment. 

What Can I Do to Manage Commercial Metal Waste?

So, how can you do your best as a company to manage metal waste produced from office or building renovations? Well, let’s take a look at some of the tips down below:

1. Order What You Need

Most businesses tend to over order materials so that they can be sure that there won’t be a shortage during the renovation process. Of course, a better option would be to simply order in metal materials as you need them; just be sure that you’ve got a reliable supplier who can deliver the order well before the day they need to be used. Doing this will reduce the amount of metal materials that are leftover. Alternatively, you can also source recycled materials for use in your project.

2. Sort Your Metals

Sorting your scrap metals out from one another will make it much easier for you when the time comes to hand your materials over to a recycler. The most basic task for you to perform is separating the ferrous materials from the non-ferrous materials. But you can also go one step further by sorting each metal into a different container; one for aluminium, copper, steel and so on. Also make sure to store this out of the way on your business site.

3. Contact a Scrap Metal Dealer

Scrap metal dealers offer cash in exchange for your scrap metal materials, so there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t want to take advantage of this. Just remember to keep in mind that some scrap metal dealers only deal with certain types of metal materials. So, before showing up to the dealer with all your boxes of scrap, make sure that you’ve given them a call beforehand to verify what they can and can’t take off your hands.

Looking for a reliable scrap metal dealer to take that unwanted scrap off your hands? At Allied Metal Recyclers, we proudly recycle a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials. Plus, we can guarantee the best price in exchange for your scrap, in addition to friendly and helpful service.

Because we want our customers to have the best scrap metal recycling experience possible, we can even offer to organise a convenient scrap metal yard clearance at your site. In this way, you can save yourself all the time and effort of doing so yourself. Best of all, through engaging with our services, you can feel more confident about your business’s impact upon the environment.

For any enquiries about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact Allied Metal Recyclers today!