The Many Uses of Copper

The Many Uses of Copper

The Many Uses of Copper

There’s a reason why copper is known as the king of all scrap metals. Offering a variety of versatile and unique properties, copper is used across a variety of different industries in several important applications. Thanks to its widespread use and value, copper is highly sought after by scrap metal dealers.

In this post, we’re running through some of the most common uses of copper in everyday applications, to give you a little insight on just how important this humble type of metal is to all kinds of different companies and consumers alike:


Out of all the many uses of copper, wiring has got to be one of the most popular. Of course, this comes as no surprise, considering that copper is ductile and an excellent conductor of electricity. Copper can be found in the electrical wiring of homes and buildings, as well as in small and large appliances like toasters, white goods, TVs and other electronic devices. It’s also used in electric motors, which you’ll find present in cars, trucks, as well as in power tools, machinery and even some toys!


Thanks to its high durability, conductivity and corrosion-resistant properties, it only makes sense that copper would work just as well for pipes as it does for electrical wiring. Another great thing about copper is that it also provides anti-microbial properties. This is especially important when it comes to transporting and filtering water that is safe to drink.


Although not as popular as stainless steel or cast-iron cookware, copper cookware is still available and used by many residents. Being superb heat conductors, copper pots and pans are ideal for carrying out a variety of specific tasks, like cooking sauces, caramel, chocolate or seafood. This is because copper cookware heats up quickly but does not hold onto the heat like cast-iron cookware does.

Antibacterial Surfaces

As mentioned previously, copper offers antimicrobial properties which makes it excellent for using on doorknobs, railings and other surfaces which are regularly touched by human hands. In fact, many hospitals have started incorporating more copper into their infrastructure, in order to provide increased protection against bacteria.

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