Why Recycling Construction Materials is Important

Construction Materials Waste

Why Recycling Construction Materials is Important

It really comes as no surprise to find that we create over 20 megatonnes of construction industry waste every year in Australia- just think of the amount of construction projects and renovations you see happening day after day whilst driving around town, peering out the window at work, or even after arriving home to your own neighbourhood. This type of labour goes on almost 24/7 across a number of cities, towns and rural areas, not only so that we can provide more housing and upgraded facilities for our ever-growing population, but also as a means of keeping up to date with technology, improving our quality of life and increasing tourism. 

Now, whilst we may not be able to decrease the amount of construction works that goes on throughout the country, what we can do is decrease the amount of construction waste that ends up going to landfill. The truth is, a lot of construction waste that ends up getting dumped really has no reason to be. In fact, a large proportion of these materials are actually able to keep on providing further usage even after they’ve been discarded, or no longer have a use in one particular project. For this reason, and several others, the recycling of construction materials is something that every business owner, worker and resident should be striving to do more of: 

Why Should You Recycle Your Construction Materials? 

Saves on Costs

The process of recycling reusable materials compared to newly sourcing them is actually a lot cheaper. By recycling your unwanted construction materials into materials that can then be reused for alternative purposes, you will also be able to save yourself money in areas that would be otherwise spent on disposing of and transporting these materials. 

Conserves Energy

The consumption of natural resources is one that involves a lot of money and energy. On the other hand, when you choose to recycle construction materials, you can preserve these natural resources for the future and conserve the amount of energy that would be needed to process them. Needless to say, recycling construction materials is undeniably the more environmentally sustainable option- and particularly in this day and age, sustainable solutions are what we should all be striving to adopt. 

Decreases Landfill Waste 

Landfills are already getting overloaded day after day with items and materials that really have no place in being there. By recycling leftover construction materials instead of simply sending them to the dump, you can do your part for the recycling initiative by reducing the amount of materials that gets sent to landfill overall. Consequently, you will be contributing towards creating lesser amounts of pollution, and conserving finite resources instead of just throwing them away and wasting their precious value.

Support the Economy

Recycling of construction materials not only has benefits for society and the environment, but also for the economy. Not only does it create jobs for people in the recycling industry, but all the energy savings and cost savings that comes from choosing to reuse instead of source new materials is also reflected back onto the economy as well.  

Demonstrates Corporate Social Responsibility

Have you heard of the term ‘corporate social responsibility’ before? Well, if you haven’t, then you should know that it’s incredibly relevant to business owners in particular, especially in the current climate. Corporate social responsibility essentially refers to the responsibility corporations have for the economic, social and environmental consequences of their business activities. Through ensuring to recycle your organisation’s leftover construction materials instead of sending them to landfill, you will be working to demonstrate an aspect of corporate social responsibility, as you will be taking measures to benefit society, the environment and the economy through your business activities.   
So, have you got leftover construction materials for recycling? At Allied Metal Recyclers, we always ensure to uphold our duty towards both you, our customers, and the environment. By offering fast, convenient and competitive scrap removal services, whilst also ensuring to recycle your scrap in the proper manner, we can provide effective and reliable scrap metal recycling that businesses all throughout Perth can trust. Get in touch with us today for a free quote!