5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Scrap Metal Industry

Scrap Metal Industry

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Scrap Metal Industry

The scrap metal industry helps to collect, recycle and repurpose scrap metal. However, the importance of this industry extends far beyond that.   

Here’s 5 things you probably didn’t know about our industry, the scrap metal industry: 

1. It’s Vital to Almost Every Single Industry

Think about the industry you work in. Are you a contractor or a tradesman? If so, then working with different types of metals is probably just a normal part of your daily grind. On the other hand, maybe you’re working in an industry where the role of metals isn’t all that clear from the get-go. This might include industries like hospitality, retail, beauty, administration and education. Of course, no matter what type of industry you’re in, you’re guaranteed to encounter metal objects, technology or machinery at some point or another. This is what makes the scrap metal industry so important to almost every other type of industry. Because almost all of us are surrounded by metal objects, items and technology in our daily roles, there are a multitude of opportunities for us to work together with the scrap metal industry in scrap metal recycling. 

2. It Provides Lots of Jobs

Aside from all the other benefits that scrap metal recycling brings, the existence of the scrap metal industry also creates a lot more jobs. More and more job opportunities have been created over the decades as the scrap metal recycling industry has grown and developed more efficient ways to collect, recycle and repurpose scrap metal. As the importance of recycling continues to grow in future, we can only expect even more job opportunities to open up and offer residents a key role in working towards a more sustainable future. 

3. It Plays a Key Role in the Economy

Naturally, through creating more employment opportunities, the scrap metal industry also provides economic benefits. A lower employment rate typically translates to a higher GDP, which is a key sign of economic strength. Moreover, scrap metal recycling also provides us with further opportunities to export our recycled goods and materials. It also allows for money and energy savings, which means less money needs to be invested in mining for raw materials. 

4. It Saves Businesses Tones of Money

The scrap metal industry is a friend to businesses everywhere. Specifically, it helps businesses throughout a wide range of industries save money, by providing them with cash for scrap in exchange for the excess materials they didn’t end up using or are wanting to throw out. ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is certainly true in the case of scrap metal recycling. Unwanted materials will be sold at lower prices to other businesses who have a need for them, and these businesses will be able to save money by manufacturing their products for less than usual. 

5. It Has a Lot of Potential

Thankfully, we recycle a lot more scrap metal nowadays than we did a couple of decades ago. However, it’s still not enough. Did you know that you can recycle 20 aluminium cans with the amount of energy it takes to manufacture one from scratch? There’s no doubt; the scrap metal industry has a lot of potential in being able to help businesses work cheaper, smarter and more efficiently. But to pave the way there, we first have to get as many businesses and individuals on board with scrap metal recycling as possible.

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