6 Benefits of Steel Recycling

Scrap Steel Recycling

6 Benefits of Steel Recycling

It has become imperative for companies operating throughout a range of industries to find ways to reduce expenses, efficiently manage limited resources, and lower the use of landfills. You’ve probably heard of the ever popular ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ mantra. But are you fully aware of everything that it includes? A lot of people tend to relate the phrase to paper, plastics, cans, cardboard and bottles. However, they fail to realise that they can also recycle a number of metals, including steel.

Some Facts About Steel Recycling

Millions of people around the globe know nothing about the benefits of steel recycling. But like most other recyclable materials, it also offers various advantages. Before we share what they are however, allow us to let you in on some fun facts about recycled steel:

  • For every tonne of steel we recycle, we can save 633kg of coal, 1,131kg of iron ore, and 54kg of limestone.
  • Most stainless steel materials contain 60% recycled steel.
  • 2.5% of the waste that ends up in Australian landfills consists of discarded steel.
  • About 75,000 cans of recycled steel make up an average bus.

These are just a few of the interesting facts revolving around steel recycling. Below, we will share the benefits that industries and organisations can enjoy from the initiative.

1. Save Resources and Energy

As we’ve mentioned, recycling steel can save valuable resources. Instead of mining and processing raw materials, reusing discarded steel will cut down coal and water consumption by around 40%. What’s more, recycling steel scrap and avoiding primary steel production can save around 1.5 kg of CO2-e emissions and 13.4 MJ of primary energy. That equates to 73% and 64% less consumption, respectively, compared to 100% primary production. Indeed, recycling steel allows industries to use less energy as opposed to mining raw materials.

2. Enjoy a Sustainable Practice

Keep in mind that the earth has a finite, limited amount of metals. Needless to say, companies won’t be able to mine steel forever. At steel mills, recycled metals play a significant and crucial role. Aside from that, compared to their non-steel counterparts, stainless steel frames in buildings tend to last much longer. When the time to replace a steel structure presents itself, the life of the material does not end. Companies are able to recycle it and turn it into a new steel product.

3. Have Quality Steel Materials

Even when you recycle steel, it will not lose its strength. No matter how many times you recycle this material, you can still expect it to last. What’s excellent about steel is that it has an incredible ability to retain its natural qualities. You can recycle and reuse it in almost everything. So, whether you’re using recycled steel for a decorative touch or as a construction component, you are making an excellent choice in a high-quality material.

4. Better Business Image

With the world’s population consistently increasing, our natural resources are becoming more and more scarce. As such, recycling has become a significant concern for both individuals and organisations. Of course, companies that salvage scrap steel will have a better public image than those who do not. New businesses may flourish because of their efforts to use green materials and recycle steel.

5. An Increase in Profits

Some companies and organisations have contracts for scrap metal. These firms submit it to processors and distributors of recyclable materials in order to gain a profit. Of course, such an initiative can be beneficial towards the earth and the many companies that rely on steel products. That said, there is nothing wrong with having financial gain whilst contributing positively towards the environment.

6. Contribute to the Economy

A lot of companies and industries in Australia rely on recycling plastics, metals, and other materials to sustain their livelihoods. Now, without recycling initiatives, those organisations and their employees will be out of work, unable to support their families financially. The market size of the scrap metal recycling industry is around $2 billion. That said, you can probably imagine how many people are enjoying the benefit of employment thanks to your recycling efforts.

Start Recycling Scrap Steel Now!

The wellbeing of our planet is on a downward spiral. Now, more than ever, we must take proactive measures in order to protect our environment. Choosing to recycle steel as opposed to sending it to the landfill or using raw materials can make a significant difference in the earth’s condition. So, whether you have leftover steel from old building materials, or you have unwanted steel products, let Allied Metal Recyclers know and we’ll take them off your hands. You can trust in our professional team to remove scrap steel from your site efficiently and responsibly. What’s more, we offer competitive prices in exchange for your discarded steel!

When you need to dispose of scrap steel, contact Allied Metal Recyclers today. Expect us to deliver a bin to collect your materials within 24 hours.