What Are the Effects of Not Recycling Metals?

What Are The Effects of Not Recycling Metals?

What Are the Effects of Not Recycling Metals?

There’s no doubting the role that recycling plays in today’s society. In fact, you and your family may already work to recycle certain items found within your household, such as paper, glass or plastic. Of course, any efforts that contribute towards recycling initiatives should be celebrated. However, it’s also vital for both residents and businessowners to remember not to disregard the importance of recycling of metal materials as well.

One of the best things about recycling metal is that fact that it can be recycled over and over again, all without using any of its properties. What’s more, using recycled metals in manufacturing means that we can preserve more raw and natural materials. As a result, we can also conserve the energy used to process these materials. Needless to say, it’s the more sustainable solution, plus it helps out in lowering costs.

Indeed, recycling has a number of benefits for both society and the Earth. However, forgoing these opportunities for recycling can also result in a number of negative impacts upon the environment. To reiterate the importance of recycling scrap metal, we’ve outlined a few key consequences to consider below:

Wasting Finite Resources

Whilst there are a number of metal resources that are found abundantly in nature, it’s important to remember that these are still finite. And when we sacrifice the opportunity to reuse these materials for alternative purposes, especially when they’ve still got a whole lot of life left in them, we’re essential wasting these precious resources for no apparent reason.

Time-Consuming and Costly

As mentioned previously, recycling scrap metal materials creates a lesser demand for raw metals, meaning that these materials can be conserved, along with all the energy that it takes to mine them and have them processed. However, when there are not enough recycled metal materials to go around, manufacturers have no choice but to demand for brand new resources. Of course, the process of mining ore then having it moulded into the necessary format is a time-consuming process, not to mention costly. On the other hand, time and money spent can be significantly reduced when individuals make more of an effort to recycle their scrap metal materials.

Negative Environmental Impact

New metal mining and processing has a number of negative impacts upon the environment. For one, it produces high carbon emissions, which have been linked to climate change. Air quality can be significantly reduced as a result, as pollution fills the atmosphere of the area. However, mining can also pose various other hazards, including groundwater pollution or toxic runoff. It also destroys habitats and triggers unstable geological conditions. But what’s even more devastating is the impact it can have on human culture; and this is strongly exemplified by the recent acts of Rio Tinto, who blasted a 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site to expand an iron ore mine.

Landfill Overflow

Even the smallest recycling efforts can help substantially in keeping the size of landfill sites in check. Metal is found in so many items and appliances that we just tend to throw out without a care most of the time. If everyone were to overlook the importance of recycling metal, then no doubt, a lot of it would end up overloading our landfills. On the other hand, if more and more people took part in the recycling of metal materials, then we can prevent yet another type of material from taking up unnecessary space in dump sites.

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