Interesting Facts About Steel

Interesting Facts About Steel

Interesting Facts About Steel

Metals may not seem like the most exciting topic at first glance; but the fact is, both ferrous and non ferrous metals are one of the most fundamental building blocks of our society. Steel, in fact, is the world’s most commonly used metal. Moreover, it is also the world’s most recycled material, which provides multiple benefits for individuals,  businesses, and country economies. 

Here are a couple more interesting facts about steel: 

1. It’s a man-made material

Steel is what’s known as an alloy; a metal that is made by combining two or more elements in order to enhance specific, desirable qualities. Although it is mainly composed of two elements (iron and carbon), additional alloys can also be added to result in different outcomes. Take stainless steel, for instance, which is favoured for its anti-corrosive properties. Adding the element chromium is what gives stainless steel its resistance to corrosion. 

2. There are over 3,500 grades

If you think about all the different combination possibilities that could exist from mixing iron, carbon, along with additional alloys and impurities, a number like 3,500 shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Although there are over 3,500 grades of steel, they generally fall under one of the four main types. These include stainless steels, carbon steels, alloy steels and tool steels.

3. Attempts to manufacture steel in Australia began in 1840

Did you know that steel manufacturing in Australia started only a decade before the Gold Rush? Although iron ore deposits were found in 1840 at Iron Knob, South Australia, a lack of specialised equipment made the process of manufacturing steel impossible. Although colonisers made several attempts to smelt the iron ore, the quality was subpar. Steel only made a comeback in 1901, when Australia’s first blast furnace commenced production. 

4. There’s a high demand for scrap steel

In Australia, the demand for scrap steel is at an all-time high. Keep in mind that this material is used in a number of industries to manufacture things like boats, trains and aeroplanes to machinery, engines, missiles and wired telecommunication. As the world continues to develop and the population continues to increase, businesses are being forced to keep up with the needs of the community by producing more transportation, buildings and infrastructure to account. This is why stainless steel recycling is so heavily encouraged, aside from being better for the planet and making things cheaper for businesses and individuals. 

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