The Many Uses of Scrap Metal

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The Many Uses of Scrap Metal

Scrap metal recycling isn’t just beneficial for the environment. Aside from this, it also provides businesses with a range of different advantages, from being able to save on raw materials to reducing their company’s ecological footprint. Whilst a lot of different businesses are getting on board with scrap metal recycling, a lot of people still may not be aware of what the end result actually is. For this reason, we’ve prepared this article to show you the many uses of scrap metal:

Construction Industry

Unlike most other types of waste, scrap metal can be recycled over and over again without experiencing any changes to its level of strength or other properties. For this reason, scrap metal is ideal for use in the construction industry. Instead of companies having to pay for new metals that have been freshly mined and processed, they can choose to purchase scrap metal materials. Of course, businesses working in the construction industry should also make sure to recycle leftover construction materials themselves. Since the costs of recycling scrap metal is a lot cheaper as compared to mining and processing virgin ores, businesses can save a lot more money when they choose to buy recycled metal over new metal. Consequently, they can benefit from a larger profit. Scrap metal may be used for construction projects such as bridges, buildings, ductwork, plumbing and much more. 

Machinery and Automobiles

Scrap metal can also be reused to make entirely new products. It can be used in the manufacture of automobiles such as cars, trucks or motorcycles, or even aircrafts such as airplanes or helicopters. It can also be used in watercrafts such as boats and submarines. Mining, farm or other industrial machinery may also be manufactured from scrap metal materials. 


Computers, laptops, tablets and phones can also be made using scrap metal, and vice versa- scrap metal can also be salvaged from all of these electronic devices. The only problem is that the amount of people who recycle their unwanted technology or dispose of their e-waste properly is low. And considering the fact that many people upgrade their phones in particular every 2 years, that’s a lot of scrap metal that could be put to good use as opposed to being sent to landfill. 


The canned food aisle at the grocery store is chock-full of amazing stuff that makes creating affordable, nutritious yet delicious meals easy and simple. However, did you know that a lot of these non-perishable goodies actually come in packaging made from recycled aluminium or steel? Scrap metal is also predominantly used in the manufacture of canned food packaging. It is an extremely efficient and economical way to reuse scrap metal- in fact, recycled scrap metal can appear back on the shelf as tinned food packaging in as little as two months! Recycling aluminium only uses about 5% of the energy and emissions it takes to produce aluminium from bauxite as well. So, as you can see, it comes as no surprise to find why so many individuals and businesses are encouraged to recycle their scrap. 

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